Monday, September 28, 2015

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Mrs. Edwards chose this awesome book last year as one of her Battle of the Books picks.  Not only does she promote reading in classes, but also makes sure her BoB teams have amazing selections.  I have enjoyed listening to the conversation between the Library Ladies and some of the BoB students about the author’s choice to write a new series in the midst of finishing this one… they are dying for the next book to come out!

This fantasy-adventure series by Sarah J. Maas is titled Throne of Glass.  In Throne of Glass, we are thrust into a medieval-like world where we meet the beautiful Celaena.  Celaena, although breathtaking, is deadly... an assassin… a mercenary.  And is known and feared by everyone.  She lives in a land where magic has been forbidden and purged by the King; it’s existence so far removed that it’s now only known in tales and myth.  

Celaena has been imprisoned in the salt mines of Endovier, a prison known only for it’s death toll.  Until one day Chaol, Captain of the King’s Guard and best friend to Prince Dorian, comes for her.  She is offered a deal to gain her freedom by becoming the King’s Champion Assassin.  The biggest problem is: Celaena works for NO ONE… and despises the king.  Celaena finds herself at the palace, thrust into a violent tournament of champions with mercenaries from far and wide.  She proves herself, but not without stumbling across a deep-hidden mystery within the depths of the palace and finding friendship and love in the most unexpected of places.  Throne of Glass will keep you on the edge of your seat, hungry for the next book.

I love searching YouTube for book trailers.  Sometimes I find trailers that are so much like movies that I wonder if a movie hasn’t been done for the books.  Most of the trailers are done by students, so the quality is reflective of that.  This trailer is one of the more professional ones I’ve found; done by Bloomsbury Publishing.  I think this trailer is very effective in it’s simplistic text, clean images, and powerful music.  Students connect to things better with music involved, and it will be more impactful with the right songs.  This trailer sets up well to the intrigue and adventure of the story. I see this beek potentially being used by English teachers when looking at plot structure, characterization, sub-plots, and flashbacks. It is crafted masterfully with an ending that will leave the reader hungry for more.

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